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Village Primary School Desk (VPSD) Program

To fulfill a promise made by the Ngwa Association, Los Angeles (NALA) Inc. on November 4, 2017 during the Ngwa Day celebration in Los Angeles, 390 desks have been donated to 26 primary schools in eight Local Government Areas, Abia State.

Sample Desks
In Phase one (completed in October/November 2018), 300 desks were donated to 20 primary schools. In phase two (completed in October 2020), 90 desks were also donated to additional six (6) primary schools.

As you may be aware, primary schools in Abia State as well as many parts of Nigeria are threatened by long-term neglect resulting in dilapidated infrastructure: roofless buildings, broken desks or chairs, and lack of instructional materials. Primary education is very important because it is the stage when we lay the foundation for a child’s success in education. Many of us would not have succeeded in obtaining diplomas and degrees in higher education without this foundation.

Onicha Ngwa Primary School, Obingwa LGA

Below is a list of the primary schools that have so far benefited from the program. The association plans to fund more schools in future years as funds become available.     Click here for Youtube video of the deliveries.